Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Salon - Week 6

Outside my window: A quiet and clear Sunday eve. I can hardly believe that the fires rage a few hours north. It's cool and breezy here.

I am listening to: the rustling of the blinds as the air from the fan moves them. Combine it with some soft guitar music and you've got the perfect sound in the office.

I am watching: Not much. We did go see the Pirates movie but beyond that I am reading more and nothing really seems to strike my fancy. Any suggestions?

I am thinking: that summer goes far too fast. Slow down days!!

I am grateful for: fire fighters, water, air conditioners, dishwashers and ice cream. How's that for random?

I am reading: The Yearling is finally finished. I loved it as did everyone else at Book Group. Daughter of Fortune got relegated to be the travel book as Left Neglected is coming due at the library. I also started Demolition Angel when I had a minute or two and fell right into a great story. It's a good thing that these three books are ever so different.

I am photographing: the completed office!! It's "beeutiful"!! I went with yellow accents after the perfect vase was re-purposed up here. It looks smashing. More to come....

I am listing: Denver plans. Our little trip will be cram-packed with fun things at this rate.

I am creating: repainting the downstairs bathroom for the 3rd time in a week!! Argh! All of the bathroom amenities are new and shiny and waiting to be put in once this darn painting project is done. Painted vanity, painted walls, new toilet, faucet, mirror and lights. All for a little powder room hardly big enough to turn around in. Hmmm.

On my Pandora: Kenneth Cope this week. Good jazz comes on our NPR station each night at 8 o'clock and I wait for that each night too.

I am hoping and praying: for no middle of the night phone calls!! I hate those kind of calls - too scary. Last night some random person called our house at 3 am wanting a taxi. He called 4 times from 3-4:30 am and then again at 10 am this morning. Changing my phone number seemed like a good idea in the middle of the night.

Around the house : getting ready to move files into the new drawers in the office. Cleaning out a 4 drawer file cabinet is a lot like moving a house - sort, toss, re-file, sort, toss, re-file,....

From the kitchen: cool salads to use up the garden produce. Yumm. But seriously the cherry tomatoes are so numerous that we just eat them like candy off the vine.

One of my favorite things: visiting my hairdresser!! She's a doll! She's a whiz with color, fun to talk with and has the biggest caring heart around. (Plus her head massages are worth every penny!!! I love it!) She's moving to West Virginia in a month but will come back for visits. I will miss her more than I can say. She is a true friend.

The children this week: will be busy and enjoying summer too! Airman son starts his official duty as an Air Traffic Controller in Mississippi. They are partly settled in their cute house in Biloxi. The rest of the AZ. kids will all be together this Saturday for the June Birthday Bash and BBQ. I can't wait to see everyone together.

Plans for the week: Read, paint, read, paint, read, paint.....repeat!

On this date: In 2008 I was finishing up the Once Upon A Time Challenge, my first online challenge. I am enjoying going back and looking at the titles. Funny how just seeing the title can bring back a flood of memories about those books. Thanks Carl.

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Alyce said...

Yellow accents sound like a great idea - I bet they're very pretty! I loved Left Neglected, so of course I hope you do too. :)