Thursday, June 16, 2011

Library Luck

See those babies?
Nope, not the ones in the picture frame...
the other irresistibles!!
That's my "Library Luck" from this week.

To the right we have the books I checked out:

The Violets of March

To the left, in the carefully crafted pile, are the books I found for the grand total of $4!!
Yep, I am a bargain shopper.
I only had to trample over 1 little white haired lady, 1 small child (who got in the way)
1 large man, but I won him over with my wit and my wallet!

State of Wonder was not a "Library Luck"...
it was a clean-out-my-purse-luck.
I found a Border's gift card from 2 years ago.
I figured I'd better run right out and spend it before another store closes down.

I guess I was just all kinds of lucky this week!

So what's in the pile, you ask?

The Devil in the White City
The Night Before
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
These is My Words ( I love this one - I like to keep a spare to share!)
A Countess Below the Stairs
The Space Between Us
Nineteen Minutes

What kind of lucky were you?

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, you've got some good reading ahead. I love THESE IS MY WORDS and so many people have not heard of it. Glad it's a favorite for you as well. :-)