Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great White Brother

We buried a good friend today.
It was a total surprise.
He seemed fine.
He just didn't wake up.

It will be lonely without you.
Your brother keeps looking for you.
Who will I turn the water on for to get a drink?
Who will tell on your brother?
Who will sit on our laps when we wear black?

I'm grateful for the wonderful animal companions I've been blessed with.
They teach me lessons I never thought I would need to learn.

Thank you.


DesLily said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.. but glad he seemed fine and was not suffering in anyway.

I dread the day my white cat is no longer with me. and I'm sitting here crying for your loss .. I hope the other kitty helps fill the void.

Alyce said...

How sad! I'm so sorry your kitty is gone.

Suey said...

So sad for you all! I'm scared this very same thing will happen to us any day. Our kitty is getting so old...