Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Bash Mania - Starring KIDS!

This was the weekend of the Birthday Bash!

The main players this weekend are 8, 6 and 4!!

(Cute grandkids - Ariel is 8, Jase is 4, and Gracie is 6!!)

The supporting ca
st are 8, 4, and 2.

(Cute grandson Noah & cutie pie granddaughter, Emma)
(Adorable granddaughter, Hero is 2 and very happy to be here!)

It was NOT supposed to rain a
nd ruin our zoo day

ture won!

(It rained ALL day!)

This was all even harder to finagle as we live 100 miles away. It put our creative thinking skills to the test. But... 19 emails
later and we think we found the perfect combination for fun...

We visited the Children's Mus

and dined at Little Anthony's Diner...

This weekend was the April Birthday Bash and we LOVED it!!

(I was very good and did not even suggest a trip to Bookman's or Eegee's and instead of reading in the car I watched Tangled!! I bet you're sorry you weren't at OUR party!!)

Thanks to the awesome party sugg
estions and emails (Jenn, Q, Jess and Paul)


the awesomest reservation arranger - Opa

(PS. Opa has even more cool photos on his camera!! Check his blog in the next few days for his take on the day!)


Anonymous said...

I commend you for not getting Eegees. I always have it when I'm in T-town.
My sister Liz worked at little anthony's for a while!
I'm glad you guys had fun even with the rain. And that Tangled is so ute that I'm probably going to buy it for myself!


Suey said...

Fun! I wish our family would instigate a monthly birthday bash... or every other month.. or something. Hmmm...

Alyce said...

It looks like a perfect way to spend the day with family!