Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday at the Book Festival

This is what a Book Festival looks like as it is waking up...
The air was cool and full of anticipation for another day.

First Session - Brandon Mull
Fablehaven Fame!!

This session was perhaps the best one of the whole weekend.
Brandon Mull was early to the venue and that gave him time to visit with some of us that were early also.
They announced to him that his newest book, Beyonders, was available at the Festival for early signing (it was not going to be on sale until Tuesday) and he signed for a few of us that were there.
We all felt kind of privileged.
I was there both as a fan and as a representative of my students.
I have 18 kiddos that got copies of Fablehaven and started their own book group and asked ME to join.
We meet every Thursday at recess and now I will be able to bring so much more to our meetings PLUS a photo!
They will love it.

Brandon led a great session complete with a video/slide show presentation.
He was funny, serious, introspective and so respectful of his career, his fans, and of us - the audience.
At the end of the presentation he answered questions and truly came alive as he answered the questions of the kids.
It was almost like watching a sparkler!!
He was aglow as they asked the most detailed of questions.
He was just like a kid himself.
It made me smile.

The book has a special tag on the back and an app on my super-de-dooper phone allowed me to download the book trailer and watch the video right there!!
Too cool.
Wow, was Brandon impressed with all of it.
He truly is loving every minute of this ride!

When I went out into the sunshine to travel to Session #2
this is what the Book Festival looked like.

Oh yeah, throw in more stormtroopers and even Qui Gon Jinn in full costume. There was a darling gal there with the coolest Stormtrooper backpack on.
When I told her that there were stormtroopers walking about she gave me the best line I heard at the whole festival,
"Oh, I'm married to a stormtrooper! They're heroes, you know."
For some reason I just thought this was classic!

Second Session - NO Photos- rats

Women in the Shadow of War: Histories Mysteries

Rebecca Cantrell and Suzanne Arruda
moderator - Christine Burke

This was my least favorite presentation of the whole conference.

NOTE - Blogger just ate 2/3 of this post so I will call it well and done and just name photos.... Rats! Technology@#$%@ sometimes we have a love/hate relationship, I think!

Third Session - Creating Imaginary Worlds - Four Young Adult Fantasy Authors

Pamela Keyes, Charles de Lint, Aprilynne Pike, and Janni Lee Simner

A very interesting session and I loved learning about new authors and their creative minds.
Aprilynne Pike is very chatty and excited about her series.
I don't think she's used to sharing the stage or mike with others.
Janni Lee Simner was so nice and thrilled about sharing her stories with others that I think everyone there would read her books just to share her enthusiasm and positive energy.
Maybe it was just her sense of wonder.
It almost glowed from her.

Fourth Session - Scene of the Crime: Scene as a Character

Martin Cruz Smith, Jennifer Lee Cantrell, Cara Black, and Josh Bazell

Some interesting insight and three new authors.
A warm Sunday afternoon.
Little sleep the night before.
I did NOT nod off.
But almost.
Not their fault!
I promise.

Spoils of the weekend!

Alan Jacobson - The 7th Victim
Jacqueline Winspear - Maisie Dobbs
Brandon Mull - Beyonders

A great and comfy sleeping shirt with 'Book Lover' on it!
A great U of A bag to schlep around ASU country.

Then there are the memories....
can't wait til next year...
we've already got the dates down.
March 10 & 11, 2012.
Yep, I can see I'm booked already.


Alyce said...

I saw Josh Bazell in a different session on Sunday morning called "Slaying with a Smile." All of the authors on the panel were entertaining (and funny). If you haven't read Beat the Reaper you should - it was out of my comfort zone (lots of violence and profanity) but really a good fast-paced read.

I can wish and hope to get back to the festival again next year, but going this year was a huge treat (several holiday gifts wrapped in one) so I don't know if that will happen again. I had a blast though, and it was so fun to meet and chat with you!

Nise' said...

I loved reading about your experience! How cool that you met up with other book bloggers.

Inside A Book said...

Nise' - It was really fun to meet fellow bloggers! Truly a highlight for me.

Alyce - My husband loved that first panel too!! I'm impressed with your husband's gift giving acumen, rolling a lot of gifts into a great one. We'll just have to find other venues to rendezvous at!! Glad that you are home safe and sound.

Suey said...

Love that picture you got with Brandon! Wow, you can really see how tall that dude is!

Ah, the whole thing sounds like so much fun.

Inside A Book said...

Suey - Actually it also shows how short I am!! 5' nothin compared to his 6' somethin!!

alisonwonderland said...

What a great Book Festival!

My 11yo son and I went to the Beyonders launch party last week. Great fun! (I'll get some photos posted as soon as I get time.)

Last week I also heard Aprilynne Pike talk about her work. She is a lot of fun to listen to!

Bookfool said...

Wow, that sounds like a blast!!