Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can't Wait!

Can't wait....

'til Spring break.

'til the Tucson Book Festival.

I guess I better stop wishing my time away and enjoy the week ahead of me....but I really wish it was Friday afternoon already! Geez, I am such a kid ;)

On the reading front Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is finally picking up for me. Again, maybe reading this one is all about the timing. I may not be in my most patient and reflective state!! Guess I am too excited about the coming weekend!! (Grow up, Gaye!)

We had a great Saturday in Tucson with our cute family!!!!
Temperatures were PERFECT - 79 blissful degrees.
Congratulations to Emma on her baptism :)
We saw little Hero and Miss Ariel.
My Basketball team won.
We had Eegee's.


Alyce said...

You should stop by Jill's blog ( she and I have been wondering if any other bloggers are going to be there. She also posted about the festival today.

alisonwonderland said...

I've got Major Pettigrew's Last Stand on my to-read list.

Enjoy the Tucson Book Festival!

Suey said...

Here's to wishing your week away!

And what? Major Pettigrew? Slow? Gasp.