Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness!

I am in my basketball element at this time of year..... it's March Madness! But the more I think of it, March Madness is a great name for what tends to happen around here at this time of year anyway!!

* I LOVE the NCAA basketball tournament and round the clock basketball games and excitement! It's now or never kind of intensity and enthusiasm.

* My old college is in the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in over 30 years (That's like 390 dog years or something - it seems like forever ago though.)

* Our hometown team is playing this afternoon - keeping my fingers crossed. Fridays game was a nailbiter! My mom was a professor there, my stepdad too. It's like a religion to watch UA basketball with my family. (Richard's family just doesn't get that, but it's okay...I forgive them!)
* Spring Break - Book Festival, chillin', Spring Cleaning - carpet cleaning and renovations while Rich attacks the yard, hot temps, grandkids visiting and just plain old fun.* Book Group Mystery Madness. We read one of two mysteries to discuss and then any other mysteries to give Book commercials on. We all come with pens and paper to write down new titles. It's great temptation.

* Author visits at the Poisoned Pen. We went to some and there are more all month! We love a trip to Grimaldi's for dinner but recently Barbara Peters (owner) recommended two new places to try. We love the date night.

* Birthday bashes. This week there are three events!! Love those days....oh yeah, throw in a wedding too!! Party on.* AIMS preparation! Yikes, It's back to school tomorrow and the countdown to the BIG standardized test begins. As well as I think we've done we can always use refreshers and reviews. It's my first time in 7 years since I've played this game. I'm trying not to get nervous or over-excite the kids, I'm just hoping that we all can "show what we know!"

* Meetings, meetings, next two weeks are packed with them. I actually had to pencil in a time to go work out to make sure I do it! Also have a few report cards to finish up. Since the computer virus ate my grades two weeks ago, this has been a real experience!

* Wonky weather. Spring break week was 90 degree plus and we had the A/C on. Now it's cloudy, we're slated for rain tomorrow and temps in the low 60s. Gotta love the madness of March.

* Reading two great books - Once a Spy by Keith Thomson is a page turner. It's the first novel by the author. We went to hear him talk this last week and we were sold. I got to it first but Rich keeps asking how far I am. He's chomping at the bit I think! Of course it helped that the author brought a drone to fly at the bookstore. Cool gadgets and toys like that hook Rich every time!! 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny by Phillip Done is hysterical!! Of course it helps that I live this life, but the short essay format and typical day to day events keep me in stitches. Rich has to ask what I'm laughing at now, every time I have my nose in this. I'm reading it to keep smiling when I truly would like another week of Spring Break!

I remember the 'dog-days' of March when I was a kid. Everything moved at a snail's pace and I looked out windows longingly. Those days are no longer around for me. I think that the calendar moves incrementally faster. The days are packed. The garden grows overnight. Okay, I still look out the windows a lot, but it's more to get life to slow down a bit! I do think March Madness is a great title. Now, why didn't I think of that?


Jenners said...

It is madness even if you forget all about the basketballl...which I tend to do. And the third grader book sounds fun.

Alyce said...

I think I would be excited more about March Madness if our team had made it into the tournament. We do get enthusiastic about sports for Oregon State.

It sounds like you are going to be very busy between report cards and standardized testing - I can't even imagine! I hope all goes well!

Bookfool said...

Wow, you are one busy chick. I enjoyed reading your update (except, I kinda skimmed the bits about basketball -- not a fan, unless it's Oklahoma State playing in Gallagher Hall and then you can't hate it).

I thought it was so funny to see that image of the person in the thinking cap in the midst of your post! I'm so used to thinking of that little guy as ME that it really threw me for a second and then I got a good laugh. :)