Friday, August 28, 2009

Excessive Heat Warning!

Today was an Excessive Heat Warning! (Did they have these when we were kids?)

No recess at school. No outside play. (Because we all know that children melt in Arizona!) Argh!

I worried about our super-son-in-law toiling away and working on people's A/C units here "on the surface of the sun!" Would he be a puddle of sweat and goo by 8:30 am??

I attribute all of my forgetfulness and "airheaded" thoughts to my brain frying as I walked from cool classroom to cool air conditioned car and into cool and air conditioned house. Thank you lovely air conditioner. I will continue to pay your $400 monthly bills if you remain faithful and steady at 79 degrees! (Believe me, after 114 that feels heavenly and it's worth every penny!)

And the photo above is not the temperature in our car, but the temperature outside our car in Montana this summer - IN JULY!! I knew I should have bottled that!


J&&K said...

you know it took me half way through this post to realize you were talking about Kyle. haha! I was like which boy is she talking about? and then I finally remembered that kyle is and will always be your only son-in-law! haha retarded daughter..

Jenn said...

I don't think I could give up recess even if it was that hot. I need a break from these 16 wild boys at least once a day! We would have to watch a movie or something!