Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Salon - January 20th

I can't believe the difference in one week....Last week we were freezing and wearing layers. My students were bundled and wearing mittens.The neighborhood plants really suffered, pipes burst and we all marveled at the cold snap. That was winter! Today it is almost 77 degrees and chamber-of-commerce weather outside. Wow. I'll take it. Anyone wanna visit???

Seriously, it's all to pretty to be inside, but I have the sliding glass door wide open and the cat is enjoying it as much as I am....

Listening: Yep, football again! LOVE it.  Other than that the house is quiet.... that may change next week when J&K and little baby Tinsley move in with us. Yippee-Yeah! Seriously, I can't tell you how 'over the moon' happy Rich and I are that we can be a help to them while they find another home to buy. These kiddos are entering the world of being landlords and they are so excited. We are thrilled to have roommates again!!! Get ready for some serious baby-love posts....grins!

Eating: Cheesecake!! Birthday cheesecake is the best  and I didn't have to share! Thanks babe.

Now I'm back to my salads and veggies but it sure was yummy. How do you celebrate your birthdays?

Loving: 1.Visits and phone calls from my kiddos. I love hearing their voices and hugging on 'em. 
              2. That my students were awesome this week. Best birthday present they could have given me. 
              3. Saturday morning walks and bagels with Rich. I hope it becomes a tradition.

Reading: Daddy's Girl by Lisa Scottoline, Michael Vey, The Prisoner of Cell 25  by Richard Paul Evans, and about 20 other books!! Seriously... Can I have book-A.D.D.?!?!

Feeling: So excited to have a day off tomorrow!!! A little baby-tending, a little shopping, maybe a movie, and a little relaxing. How cool!

Wanting: 1.A cool pair of boots to wear with my new boot socks that I got for Christmas. 
                2. Popcorn for dinner.
                3. A new couch. (That would be nice, but won't be happening for a bit, but I am wanting it!)

Thinking: I need a longer lap or a new pair of eyes are changing and actually getting 'better' but it makes for weird positions when using the laptop IN my lap....I guess there are definitely worse things!

This Week: Tutoring starts this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can feel on top of my game as I add a few more hours to each day to help these students.  Fun stuff each day...a no-school-holiday, Book Group, Yoga class, dinner with the in-laws and just some general, all around great times!!

Here's hoping your week is filled with fun!


Susan said...

Happy birthday! And I'm glad it's warmed up for you. We have our deep chill now (Ottawa Canada), -16c (close to -20F), brrr. I'd like to have 77 degrees too! lol

Enjoy having your children and grandchild home with you for a little while, too.

Jenners said...

How neat to get such amazing (and I'm sure, super cute) roomies!! And Happy Birthday! I alway believe in a treat on your special day!

Susan said...

Isn't the weather crazy?? I love it right now -- it's so beautiful and my kids are spending tons of time outdoors. Wish these temps would stay FOREVER :)