Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Snapshot

The first time to breathe all day.....

So let me set this up... the day has finally begun to wind down.
A full day with students after a holiday.
No breaks.
After-school tutoring is completed.
Now it's time to clean up, polish up plans, grade, attend another meeting 
head off to a team dinner 
a meeting at the district at 7:00pm.
Rats, I missed Book Group.
But after a 14 hour day I was too tired to think straight.
This was hour 10 but I do think it literally was my first time to breathe all day!
(PS - I am not complaining. I am ever so grateful I have a job :)!!!)


Brona Joy said...

I used to be a teacher too - I know exactly how you feel. The long hours and that utter sense of exhaustion!
I hope you had a restful night and feel re-energised today :-)

Trish said...

Oh I totally know how you feel! It's exhausting but oh-so satisfying.

Alyce said...

That sounds like a crazy hectic day! I'm exhausted just dealing with my two kids at home, so teachers like you impress me. :)

Jenners said...

Yikes! Sounds tiring but I'm guessing you're never bored (but perhaps would like time to be).