Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Salon - Baby, It's Cold Outside.....

(I went to a wedding reception the other night and this sign was next to the hot cocoa bar - Love it.)
Okay, I KNOW I am a wimp, but it's 1:30 pm and it's only 42 degrees outside...and it's sunny!
I don't live in the north. 
I live in southern Arizona! 
(I can handle the heat, I swear... 112? That's a cool breeze!)
It was 21 degrees at our house overnight. 
So...I came home from a very cold morning at church and I am in my jammies, my sweatshirt, my socks and slippers and I'm lunching on hot cocoa and chili.
Is this how you guys stay warm up there???

Okay, whining over... back to our regularly scheduled Sunday Salon....

Listening: To the football game. I can't lose. I like both teams. It's good company as I complete report cards and sit here at the table in the rays of sunshine. 

Eating: Warm stuff!! Anything warm. Seriously though, I have loved a week of salads and veggies. It feels good to have balance. 

Loving: 1.That my kitchen island stayed clear all week. 
              2. That my daughter bought me a Kindle for my classroom - my students will love it. 
              3. Book Group Wednesdays. It was awesome! We laughed and yakked the night away. There were new friends and time just flew by. That's how Book Groups should always be.

Reading: Michael Vey; The Prisoner of Cell 25 for my neighborhood Book Group in 10 days, The False Prince (still) by Jennifer A. Nielsen, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume with my class. They are loving it. I have made several trips to the library lately and I have MANY more books on the nightstand. Just in case of a reading-emergency.

Feeling: Like I should feel more anxious about things than I am. Wow, that Yoga class is REALLY helping. I just feel okay about it all. I have decided to chunk things up in smaller bites and try not to pre-worry about all the demands ahead. Just one day at a time. Deep Yoga-cleansing breaths.....

Watching: Football!!! Rich also wants to go to the movies this week. I am hoping to see Lincoln, Life of Pi or The Impossible (thank you, Jenners.) They all sound popcorn-worthy!

Wanting: 1.To finally be done with these report cards that I have put off for far too long. 
                2. A trip to the hairdresser.
                3. A class-room cleaning fairy.

Thinking: How kind bloggers are. Thanks for your good wishes for my husband in his job-search. I'm touched when we all reach out and recognize the power of positive comments, phone calls, thoughts, friendship and encouragement. What a great community we can be to help each other. Thanks!!

This Week: Parent-Teacher Conferences, dinner with J&K (which means a Tinsley visit!!!) another bog observation, and a little ol birthday---for me. I wonder if cheesecake is calorie free?

Happy Sunday friends!!!!


Alyce said...

I hope it's getting warmer for you! I can't wait until the ice goes away here - hopefully tomorrow.

Jenners said...

I would see Life of Pi!! It is big -screen movie -- gorgeous! The visuals are stunning!! And try for 3D if you can. : )

And hope you don't "freeze" to death!

Susan said...

I hope it gets warmer there. We had our brief warm spell, and are now entering our deep freeze time. brrr!

What movie did you end up seeing?