Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I Want to be Doing & What I am Really Doing

Want  versus  Need.

Random Notes from a Nut...
** RAIN! Yep in the desert we celebrate it. AND celebrate we classroom celebrated with a leaking ceiling(imagine a water-feature in the middle of 30 desks and kids...) and then it all collapsed! FUN. not.

** Book Group - Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons. Cool dessert kabobs, good talk, good friends.

** Dinner with 4 that morphed to 8!! Glad we blessed that food AND had extra sauce.

** How 'bout a little Shannon Hale-love and a Stephanie Meyer fly-by? LOVE Shannon. She's da bomb. Funny. Now my new BFF. Ask her about my bra-strap?!?!?! (Cool book too, ask my husband. - I think he's in love with her too.)

** Cafe Zupas has arrived in Arizona. We had to drive a ways but it was so worth it. Yumm.

** Wirk-Werk-WoRk,WOrk,woRK,WoRK,WORK. No matter how I spell it, it's still there and still a lot of _ _ _ _ !!

** Celebrating a 4 year old birthday. Happy Birthday, Hero!

I'm off to Texas this next weekend... Y'all get ready for me!  


Suey said...

Ah Shannon Hale. She is a crazy one.

Sorry to hear about all that yucky work!

And our hotel ceiling was leaking too... and we feared a collapse on us in the middle of the night, but thankfully, it didn't happen!

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Wish I'd been here for the Shannon Hale party. And the rain. Seriously, you leave town for a week and all kinds of crazy stuff happens. Headed to any events at Changing Hands in September?

alisonwonderland said...

I love Shannon! And Zupas too!

Susan said...

I want to be reading too! Love that you had a Shannon Hale party. Sorry to hear about work and the leak, ugh.