Sunday, August 5, 2012

The End of Summer

I am drowning my sorrows in Goldfish crackers and Diet Pepsi.
How can the summer be over?!?! 
It is still 112 degrees outside.


I thought MY week was busy/crazy/jet-packed, but my friend is getting married on Friday along with 4 of her brothers and sisters. Yep, 5 siblings are getting married on the same day at the same time. They have rented a local airplane hangar for the reception! It's made all the news stations around here and we laugh that she is late to our faculty meetings because she is always being interviewed by some station or another. 
 OR try this one to see Sydney and her brothers and sisters.
My week now pales in comparison...still I don't want to forget...
**16+ hours in the car on Monday returning from vacay.
**the library/living room is almost finished!! Furniture has moved in, books are about to jump onto shelves and curtains are practically hanging themselves - NOT! But we are this close!! 
**Lunches with friends. Yum.
**Return to work. Sigh. My classsroom always looks worse before it looks better, but thanks to my DIL (who is a rockstar of a teacher herself) and my oldest grandkiddo, we now have bulletin boards, bookshelves and folders ready to go. How I love them.
**Love those visits with family. I want to remember them all. Thank you.
Wow, this all happened in one week.

Utah and Idaho were lovely (but hot!)We LOVE Salt Lake City. I would move to the Avenues in a heart-beat. Yes, I would move into a house one block from The King's English bookstore, thank you very much! I would go everyday. Rich says I could only go there if #1 I worked there or #2 if I rode my bike there. After seeing some of those hills I know that my bike rides would take me forever. That would certainly limit my trips!!  

The food on vacay was fabulous. Yeah to the Training Table and their fry-sauce and my new food-love---wait for it, Cafe Zupas!! Yum. Rich says ya gotta love a sandwich spot that gives you a chocolate covered strawberry with every meal. Bear Lake has fantabulous raspberry shakes too. I came home a more well-rounded person. (Insert sad face here.)

It's just a tad hot here. It should be 113 degrees on the first day of school. That just doesn't seem right.

We went to see a great movie in SLC. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. See it. Now.

I finished The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall. A modern day Hercule Poirot. Enjoyed it! I am really loving the writing in Charms for the Easy Life by Kay Gibbons (Book Group read.) Next up, On Bear Mountain by Deborah Smith for other Book Group. Do you think I can fit in the books that all came in off my book reserve list at the library?!?!? This happens at the beginning of every school year....all the good books come in at the same time.  

After 6 days of being pretty much unplugged from video and TV I am now an Olympics-junkie. It's great to keep me company in my classroom. Who knew that rowing could be so engaging?!?! 

Now, walk away from the goldfish crackers... 



(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

It's been so hot around here as well, but a break in humidity is coming tonight (yay). I've been blogging a lot less this summer, but hope to spend more time visiting blogs in the fall. Have a great week.

Susan said...

Ooooh, I love me some Zupas! Did you know one just opened up here -- I can't remember where, just that it's FAR from me, unfortunately. Yummy, though. And, the Avenues? Swoon! I'd totally be your neighbor there.

Good luck with the new school year!