Friday, March 16, 2012

Sprin Break Readin'

Spring Break Readin'....
a little sunshine, a patio chair and plenty of QT soda...

I started with -

I really didn't want to read Wicked by Gregory Maguire after the musical so when I was in the Bookstore I was pleasantly surprised to see Galinda's autobiography on a table in front of me. It just seemed like a fun way to continue in my Musical 'glow'.
Not really a tell-all biography, not really a memoir either, but just a sit-down chat that's fast and funny. Kristin Chenoweth shares a bit of her "life beyond the bubble," her philosophy on life, her faith and how her 'hoo-hoo' can predict the weather!! For reals! I giggled, smiled and laughed. My favorite quote was when she was nominated for an Emmy a 2nd time. " Obviously, I had zero chance of actually winning - being an expired marshmallow PEEP next to four fresh tomatoes - but it was a thrill to be nominated." I don't know why, but I have always wanted to use those words in a sentence! Together. It was light and refreshing and a fun way to continue in my Wicked afterglow. (On a serious note, I really did love her philosophy on adoption - it was extremely touching.)

I love Book Group nights.
This book read fast, brought interesting conversation and we celebrated the total female absurdity!! In all we truly enjoyed it. Well, except one....

Cinderella - retell on steroids.
I'm reminded of anime, Anakin Skywalker (when he was a little kid and worked as a droid mechanic) and Minority Report. This is so very different. So very readable. I forget that I am reading and ended up with a lovely sunburn....
at least it wasn't letumosis!!!

Oh I have SO many more books to read!!!
Who says Spring Break has to end?!?!?!?!

Now, lest you think I have done nothing of value:
1. I went to the library.
2. I cleaned out my closet - and found the floor!
3. I went back to the library.
4. I did laundry, floors, swept the porch, vacuumed, shredded papers, completed report cards, and graded Social Studies projects all while watching March Madness basketball games.
5. I went to the library yet again.
6. Oh, and I read!

Gotta love Spring Break!

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