Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hard Work Pays Off!

This was the closest thing to a smile that we saw for the first few days as our Airman transitioned from trainee to Airman.
He is pointing out his bar awarded to him for being an Honor Graduate.
"Hard Work Pays Off!"

I think we all need medals and coins like this!!
Some days I need a reminder that I can be "the Best of the Best!"
"Hard Work Pays Off!"

After leading a Book Group for 3rd graders for the last few months my
"Hard Work Pays Off!"
Seven of my students came to me this week and
asked me to be in their Book Group!! They will meet each week in the library to meet and discuss Fablehaven!! Wahoo!! I am so proud and excited to see where this will go.

My students felt that they needed more practice in math.
They want their "Hard Work to Pay Off!"
They had me circle problems to focus on and then asked me to take a photo of the board to remember it for next week.
I love it when they start to direct their own learning!
(Plus they must understand that my old brain might need a little help!!)

I closeted myself in my room this week and finished this cozy-mystery!!
"Hard Work Pays Off!"
I am now ready for this month's Book Group AND next month's!!
I enjoyed being introduced to this author.
It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours.
I look forward to meeting this author in a few weeks when she visits The Poisoned Pen.

My team won tonight.... :)
I loved watching one player make SIX 3-point plays.
It was his personal record!!
"Hard Work Pays Off!"

It's back to work tomorrow - - I sure hope this theme continues!


Suey said...

That is so awesome about the third grade book club. I bet you are the best teacher ever! Congrats on all the other stuff too. Hard work DOES pay off!

Bookfool said...

I need to put in a little hard work reading my book group read (the group meets Wednesday). I don't think I'm going to finish in time. I've been too tired to read, this week.

Your airman looks handsome. And, how cool that your students asked you to join their book group!!!

Inside A Book said...

Suey - Thanks for the well wishes....I love it when you can see the hard work AND see the rewards. So often one is invisible!

Bookfool - I have decided not to stress the Book Group reads. I try to go whether I've finished the book or not. I still have something to contribute and the groups needs my support, but I won't let it saddle me. But I am like you, sometimes just too tired to read.

Yep, I LOVE it that my students recruited me!! Today they were actually still so excited, wondering whether we were meeting today or not.

My Airman is handsome inside AND out even though he looks different without hair!