Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aunt Dimity's Death

Lori Shepherd is shocked when she discovers her "Aunt" Dimity has died. Lori is shocked because she thought Aunt Dimity was a character her mother made up for her bedtime stories. When Lori visits the law firm handling Dimity's estate, she discovers that Dimity wants her to travel to England and stay at her cottage while writing a forward to Dimity's collection of stories. Lori can use a change; she is still reeling from the end of her marriage and her mother's unexpected death. Little does she realize this trip will change her life in many ways.

Aunt Dimity's Death is a multi-layered little book. This is the first book in an ongoing series. It's billed as a mystery, but it's more of a love story: not only a new romance for Lori; but romance during World War II (some of which end happily and many that don't); the love between a mother and child; and love between people who never met yet know of each other. It also has a touch of the supernatural, as Aunt Dimity's spirit is very much alive and, in a gimmicky device, is able to "talk" to Lori by writing in a journal. Finally, it's a novel about discovery, as Lori learns many things, not only about herself but also about her mother.

This was a book for our "March Mystery Madness" in Book Group. It was not quite what I expected as a mystery but it was a cozy gentle read that filled a relaxing afternoon!! You could share this with ANYONE or listen to it on audio with anyone in the car. I will make sure that I try another in the series to catch the author's progression and I look forward to meeting the author later this month!

Now I still have time to read Wilkie Collins' Woman in White to add to my "Mystery Madness" event!!

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