Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the Little Things

It's the 'little' things in life that tend to make such a BIG difference! From quarks (the smallest elements of matter that we know of today) to a kind deed; it's the 'little' things that I want to remember in this coming year! On that note, I better start here I go.

It was one rain drop that led to another to produce this great storm that just left today. It was perfectly delightful to hunker down and stay inside on a very rainy yesterday. We read a 'little', I crafted a 'little', cleaned a very 'little' and watched a 'little' football. It was the perfect storm!! Rich also put up a 'little' bit of plastic on the roof of his 'castle' (read "workshop") and it weathered the storm well. Now if we could say the same for the broken window that is still a
waiting repairs!!

It will be 1 'little' degree that can make the difference if our lettuce freezes tonight as well!! I have loved the rain but I still want salad!! I t
hink I'll go harvest right now.

Rich and I had a great time being Santa's 'little' elves on Christmas Eve. We visited a friend in the hospital, dropped off goodies to more special friends and made sure that all the gifts were wrapped and ready to go to for Christmas day!! You know, being on e of the Big-Guy's 'little' helpers was great fun.

It was the 'little' gem in the middle of this 'little' hat I crocheted that really adds the bling! Hero, our 'little'-est granddaughter loved the sparkle. Thanks, Jennie, for recommending the 'little' touch.

It was one 'lit
tle' rocker arm in the 2nd cylinder of our car's engine that caused our rough ride and need for the car doctors!! The awesome car doctors were able to fix it with a very 'little' HeliCoil. Gosh, one 'little' thing out of whack sure did undermine our mighty carriage!! We love our car and are so glad that she's back in great shape and that the repair, although major, still came in a 'little' less than OUCH! Can you believe how the 'little' things can make such a big difference?!?

The power of letters!! They are the 'little' things that make up the words in the books I read and 1 letter makes all the difference!

Because I have small-type ones that may read the blog I did the unforgivable and edited this cover. It's just one 'little' letter, but it makes all the difference when you know those of impressionable ages - AND you're a teacher - AND you're someone they watch!! But gosh-darn-it, this was one funny book. I read it in 2 days. Snarky, acerbic, and much more of a dishy take on Alison Arngrim's experiences on Little House on the Prairie. I enjoyed Melissa Gilbert's memoir back in the early fall, but I do believe that this is a 'little' better. (No, not a 'little' a LOT better!) Ms. Arngrim portrayed the girl everyone hated - Nellie Oleson. Ms. Arngrim loved her experience playing Nellie, she loved the cast members she worked with, and this book left me with such a positive feeling for appreciating what we have. Ms. Arngrim did not have an idyllic childhood but she's not one to sit and mope, NOPE! She has met her adversities with a terrific sense of humor. She has lost herself in volunteer work and causes. She believes that it is the 'little' things that make all the difference. And so do I!!

(Please forgive me, Book-police, for taking the liberty of editing for my audience ....ME!)


Bookfool said...

I love this post! I'd heard Alison Arngrim's book is the best of the recent Little House memoirs, but you've made me want to rush out to find a copy. :)

Jenners said...

I heard that Ms. Arngrim's books was pretty enjoyable ... even if you you weren't a Little House fan. And I just adore the hat you made with the "little" bling ... it is so cute!

Bookfool said...

Also . . . I love that hat. So cute!