Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Double Take

Today Rich and I were driving down the street when I glanced up at a sign and did a double take!!

We actually turned around so that we could read it again (and get a picture!)

"Where were you driving?" you may ask....

Wait, wait......

by a paint store!!!!!
Too funny!

PS. No reading by this chica...report cards, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, and work!! Ach! (Well I wonder if one could count our third grade Book Club book -
by Mary James

Shoebag, a happy young cockroach who finds himself suddenly changed into a little boy and changes the lives of those around him before returning to his former life ... well, it is a book! My third graders love it and they are loving their first experience with Book Club!! It's worth missing lunchtime one day a week for this!! And it is the extent of my pleasure reading....Things will get better soon!) Until then, keep smiling!

1 comment:

StephTheBookworm said...

Hey there, can't find your e-mail address anywhere, but wanted to say thank you SO SO much for my secret Santa gift! :D
The book has been on my wishlist, and the quote that's on the magnet is one of my all time favorites.

Thank you, thank you! Happy holidays.