Saturday, October 2, 2010


I love October!!
  • My brain says fall even when the thermometer says 104! That's brain is pretty powerful and the rest of me believes it (most of the time!)

  • It's report card time.

  • Football - football - football!! I can even hear the band play and the announcer at the high school a mile away each Friday night. That brings back great memories. (It might be dangerous to picture me in my cheerleader outfit NOW, but it fit really great back then...pompoms and all!)

  • It's Conference time!! Twice a year our church broadcasts a weekend of meetings; special messages of guidance and counsel from Salt Lake City to around the world. I love attending conference but this year we chose to stay home and save some dollars. I miss the fall leaves and the smells and the traditions so I was thrilled when the doorbell rang last night and a sweet friend brought over some NEW traditions~~~ a box of scones and muffins for Saturday breakfast, a recipe book of goodies she makes every year AND this spectacular notebook for recording my thoughts during conference!! (As IF I would write a word in this beautiful baby!)

  • October Break!!!! Yes, it's almost here..... I'm feeling a roadtrip urge, a magnetic pull from a stack of books, a desire to smell a campfire, loving the Halloween candy shelves, and celebrating all the possibilities. Yippee!
  • Gosh, I love October!!