Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monsoon Madness

Hello Dorothy!! Didn't I tell you this isn't Kansas??
(This baby was spotted a mile from our home!)

It was a wild ride when storms hit two separate times at school.... of course the last big storm hit at dismissal! Can you say pandemonium? Arizona kids squeal at the sight of rain.

But, the ride continued. When we arrived home we discovered that 19 power poles had fallen in our area. Trees were down up and down the street and neighbors yards were full of roots and branches. We were afraid to turn into our driveway! We were lucky. This is what we found:

(The wind picked up this baby and threw it 15 feet through the window!! You may doubt it, but this is not how or where we store our trash cans. Granted, it would make taking out the trash easier, but I just have a small issue with that!)

Needless to say, our backyard is an ocean and our side yard is full of blown off roof tiles and refuse from neighbor's yards. Wow! I know the animals were glad to be inside for this storm! We feel more than blessed. Our trees remain strong and true and the insurance adjusters will call tomorrow. Until then, I'll sweep up the glass, we won't stand under the corner of the roof outside where three more tiles hang precariously, and we'll count our lucky stars that no power lines were down...we couldn't bear to be without our dear Internet!!

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Susan said...

Wow! So glad you survived with no serious damage. I'm out in the east, east valley and, for once, we received less damage than everyone else. We only lost one tree and it was really more like a shrub. We didn't even get lakeside property this time thanks to a new backyard drainage system. I love the cooled down weather - I hope you're enjoying it, too!