Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor or No Labor Day

I'm grateful for a job. I'm grateful for my husband's job. We say it every time we drive into our driveway, but I can't tell you how much we love our days of!>!>! We love to rest, relax, and party!

This Labor Day we spent in "chill-mode" and I only had one thing on my agenda - a movie and popcorn!

We sat in the dollar-theater with 100's of our now nearest and dearest friends and laughed at the antics and over the top characters in this fun movie. I don't care what many of you say, I still adore Tom Cruise.The crowd seemed to like it too and we laughed as we exited at how many people were quoting lines and smiling. If they were taking an exit poll then this movie was a real hit! It sure was a fun way to spend a hot afternoon. And YES, there was popcorn.

An unexpected plus this holiday was a visit to Hobby Lobby with a corn-munching Emma....

and a witch named... Noah???!!??

(The photos were not altered in anyway. These kiddos are just as cute in person as they are on film!)

Gracie was checking out all the pink stuff and must have been camera-shy. We stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream and sprinkles and then, because we were low on sugar, we dashed into Paradise bakery for Lemon cookies. Yum. It's a good thing those cuties don't frequent my house all the time. I would really be the BIG Moma!!

The holiday was so much fun, I think I need another....

PS...I'm half way through with Mockingjay. I am ignoring any blogs about it until I finish. With school and classes that is taking longer, but I love falling right into the "reading zone" with this book!!

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