Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming Up for Air!

Can life get busier???

Everybody say, "Yes."

Yikes! I know that there are crazier days, schedules and people with busier lives than little ol' me, but for this mere mortal, there's just so much going on now that when I sit down to do more than read my email, I fall asleep.

School started off with a bang. No one wet their pants or threw up on me, and that included ME!!! Third Grade! Wow, I can hardly believe I grew up. So many of my former students come by and can't believe that I'm not in my old room. I've walked there only once but I check the wrong mailbox all the time. Life has me trying to stay at least a day ahead of 3rd graders..... Now, that's no small task! New curriculum, new classroom, and new responsibilities with 30 new little bodies. I marvel at how smart they are!!!

Rich and I are attending Financial Peace University weekly for the next 13 weeks, I have weekly (okay, almost nightly) professional development classes, and I even managed to squeeze in Back to School Night and Book Group on the same night. (I didn't make it all the way through the book, but I tried hard! I will finish it - - ) I'm getting to be quite a pro at using the calendar feature on my Smartphone!!

I daily will ask myself:
  • Am I laughing?
  • What crazy, hectic part of this life will I miss one day?
  • What funny memories can I write down when it is time?
The coming weeks look even busier so I am more than happy to be coming up for a breath this weekend. Labor Day came just in time for me to feed my popcorn for dinner addiction and stay in bed reading this.....

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alisonwonderland said...

Enjoy your popcorn-and-Mockingjay holiday break!