Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Blew By

The month of April went so quickly but there was plenty to keep us busy!!

Rich decided that he needed to call a little attention to himself and pick up a bright green cast as a lovely accessory. He says that the biggest challenge is zipping his zipper! He's now onto cast #3 and it is a friendly shade of orange, neon that is. He resembles a human-highlighter! At least I don't lose him in the dark.

Three of the six grandkids have birthdays in April so Rich and I hosted a little party complete with "cars" to race, a bean bag toss and more. They loved it!! There were only 4 race cars but five racers. What to do? They decided, as a team, to share, take turns and not be jealous. I love problem solving grandkids!! I was so impressed with how well they took turns, helped as "pit crews" and played for hours. I think it was a great success. One of the 3 year olds wanted to race and race and race. Just burn off that energy, honey!!

See this gal here?? You are looking at a "find", a gem, if you will. I was her Young Women's leader about 20 years ago and I love it that I still get wedding announcements all these years later! She finally found the right man and it was a great day.

Now see this place??? It's a house!! The reception dinner and dancing was held here on the golf course of the Biltmore. It was the most incredible house I've been to in a long that - ever!! It was decorated in old Italian style down to the tiniest detail. There aren't words in my vocabulary besides, "wow!"

School days - only 19 left, but who's counting?!?!? I'm taking a last Spanish class to add to the insanity. We celebrated Spring Fling by finishing our Penguin reports and making tear art penguins. They loved it. Other first grade classes did Bee Reports and Frog Reports. I think ours rocked!! Look at the display my kids pulled off. One of the students said that there was so much "creative" in our class that it almost made his head explode!!

I read only 2 books as I started a new class but both were worth the time.
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Heist Society by Ally Carter

May looks BUSY.... it's blowing in with a wallop and my head hurts just thinking about all I have to do. (Oh, maybe that's the no-sugar challenge that Rich and I started!) To top it all off I am changing grade levels and have to pack up and move from my old "home" in B5. Yiikes. I'm anxious to hear some authors coming to town this month, to celebrate another birthday (he's 24 so the cars won't really be needed), to visit a friend's classroom, to finish District testing, and the book group book, Sway, is waiting for me.

I will not make a will only make me nuts. So tonight I will read for a while and tomorrow I will greet May in all her madness!!

Currently Reading: I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

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April Perry said...

Hi Gaye!

I met you at Sharon's reception. It's fun to see your blog. I'll bookmark it so I can remember to check in on what you're reading. Have a great day!