Sunday, January 31, 2010

Library Buddy

When I was a kid my mom took us to the library nearly every week. I remember roaming the children's room and knowing all of the stories. My mom had so much confidence in me that she even signed me up for an adult card when I was 10. I had outgrown the children's section and she wanted me to keep reading. What a wise woman!! I took it so seriously and was so careful. How I caressed books and studied all of the titles. Mom and I were Library Buddies.

When my kiddos were growing up we followed that same tradition and we went to the library nearly every week. We learned different strategies that allowed the kids free reign, me some looking time, and a way for keeping track of all of our treasures. Each kiddo had their own library card and took care of their own books. Obviously it didn't always work well. One summer one of the boys got an overdue notice. He knew it was going to come out of his pocket and he was absolutely stunned when the notice was for $1.9 million!!!!! (The librarians really got a kick out of that! The real notice is in his baby book!!) How I cherished the days when we would share suggestions and titles and stroll the shelves together. All of my kiddos were my Library Buddies.

The kiddos are all grown now but I recently have been grooming another Library Buddy. He's handsome, loves books, carries all of my books without complaint and says "cool" whenever I suggest a title! He even checks the books out for me. We're Library Buddies!

(Grandchildren are awesome!!)

Me - The Dead and the Gone

Jase - Big and Little
Thomas the Train
Five Little Pumpkins
Find the Puppy
The Wiggles - DVD

I love this new tradition!!!


beckaboots said...

That is such a fun tradition! I need to do that with my kids :)

DesLily said...

whenever I get with my (now 13 year old) grandson we go to the book store!! love it !! I also read a lot of YA and then pass them on to him!