Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Points

Some days my life just feels like random points plotted in chaotic fashion. I'm sure someone knows the rhyme, reason, purpose, and plan....but for me it just feels like 1000's (well okay, at least 20) of random incidents and thoughts. Today is one of those days - and blogs!

  • We know we need to arrange for the last few days of our Shelli-dog's life. It's hard and it stinks and I hate it! Weird though, a vet will charge you about $50 as a consult fee if you have never been in their office before - even if you are arranging euthanasia - nothing more! (Guess what?? after our Shelli is gone, we won't be seeing them again! It's not like we can bring them back, right?)
  • It's that time of year - Brach's mellowcreme pumpkins are here!! Some nights I would rather eat them than dinner!
  • On days when I don't want to be a teacher or when I don't really want to be at school I can actually do my best! How is that? It's almost like I rise above. I'm not advising it to anyone. Merely an observation of today.
  • Today SMELLED like fall here. No falling leaf, no crispy cool nights but it just had that "feel" and it wasn't a "hundred and gazinga" outside. Yep, it must be almost fall. (The other hint was the mellowcreme pumpkins!)
  • I love college football. I love college basketball. From now on Saturday TV is mine!
  • Work is seriously cutting into my book reading time. Argh~!
  • When I have a good book I am tempted to read it very s-l-o-w-l-y so that the story keeps on going. I'll read a page and put the book down over and over again.
  • I could eat popcorn everyday for lunch - and I do!! Pass the salt and Diet Pepsi, please!
  • Thank heavens I carpool with my husband. He makes me go home on time.
  • I don't mind going to meetings.
  • I like doing laundry.
  • To me a clean fridge is an empty one. It looks crisp and clean and full of potential!
  • I can't wait to read Catching Fire. I refuse to read anything about it until I do.
  • I hate making phone calls. I think I passed this on to my daughter.
  • I can't sleep without a fan on.
  • I wear a silly sleeping mask to sleep every night now. Any little light keeps me up or wakes me up. I'm sure I look very "Holly Golightly" (from Breakfast at Tiffany's") in mine!!
  • One of my secret wishes would be to dance (!!!!) and be on Dancing With the Stars!! I choose Mark Ballas...yum!
  • One year I forgot how old I was. When I had my birthday I aged two years instead of one because for a whole year I had my age wrong! Drats!
  • When we were young my sister would laugh every time someone would say the word "avocado"!!!
  • Today when I took my kiddos out to recess I told them to make sure that they got all their wiggles out before they came back inside. A quiet question came from one of the boys, "what is wiggles?" They then wiggled and waddled all the way to recess. Too cute.

Life observations can be intriguing....or just random.


beckaboots said...

Ha- the avacado thing! That is hilarious! And I can feel fall coming too! I am so excited!! I love wearing fall clothes! haha

Susan said...

You're so funny! I love marshmallow creme pumpkins, too.

Your fridge comment reminded me of our recent freezer incident - When one of the kids grabbed something out of our extra freezer, a box of ice cream sandwiches fell and got wedged in the door. Consequently, the freezer door stood open all night. By the next afternoon when I noticed what had happened, hundreds of dollars of food had turned to mush. Fuming, I dumped it all into garbage sacks and loaded up my black bin. When I'd gotten it cleaned and wiped down, I thought, "Huh. It's actually kind of nice to have a clean, empty freezer." I was proud of myself for thinking positively!

You HAVE to read CATCHING FIRE! It's awesome.

Jenners said...

I know this feeling of randomness ... it feels like that almost every day since I have my son!!!

I'm sorry about your dog -- that is such a tough thing to do.

And I love Brach's Mellocreme Pumpkins ... I try to sneak them into the grocery cart as soon as I start seeing them in the store.

Fall is my favorite season and it is starting to feel like that here ... nothing like a crisp cool fall day.

My husband seems to share your dislike of phone calls. He will not make phone calls unless under extreme duress. He won't even order a pizza.

Fun post! And don't let anything disrupt your reading!

Michael, Nicole, and Micah. said...

Gaye. You are very similar to me with the whole book thing and forgetting how old you are! lol..I think at some point we all forget. I also seem to have a better day when I am not trying..Weird? .... I love the post:)

J&&K said...

for the longest time [probably up until about 10 minutes ago] I always thought euthanasia was "youth-in-asia" and I never understood what the big deal was about all the kids in asia... now i know.

you did pass on the anti phone calls to me. but I go deeper. I prefer emails to texting because then I don't have to respond as quickly.

I hate those pumpkins. yuck. theyre like the corn.

funny, i seemed to have upped my reading while at work. I love supervising a kid that doesnt need as much supervision as he is receiving. haha I have lowered my reading level down to 3rd grade tho. I just finished all the american girl series the teacher has in the class [ i STILL love that series what can i say?] [I also got ALL the girls addicted to them and that magic attic club series do you remember that??] I have moved on to My Side of the Mountain. I will ALWAYS love that book. it makes me cry when he has to move back.
can I pretend im older?? I hate being 18. I feel like a baby and am often reminded of how young I am by EVERYONE