Thursday, March 20, 2008

Relaxing - the reading way!

I'm in heaven - yep, no schedule, no to-do list and a lot of good books. Throw in Easter candy and NCAA basketball playoffs and yes, this is great!

I finished a mystery book, Sheeps_clothing by Josie S. Kilpack yesterday. I have been reading mysteries for my book group and I saw this book on the Whitney Award nominees website. It was nominated for an award and I thought I would give it a try. Disclaimer here: I typically do not like LDS fiction. But I want to! I have had many people tell me that it has changed and the the writing is so much better than it used to be. So all that aside, I want to say I liked it, I really do. But I really feel ambivalent about it. The plot seemed hopeful, a 15 year old is targeted by an Internet predator. I had visions of the movie The Net (with Sandra Bullock.) But no such luck. The story is every parent's fear, I will give it that, yet the back story was distracting and the full plot takes forever to come to the forefront.

Another real detractor was the language, the vocabulary, the lingo if you have it. It makes this book feel very "clique-y"! I don't feel that I could give this to anyone who wasn't LDS. They just wouldn't seem to understand it. I find that both aggravating and distracting. I am certainly not advocating lowering of standards or anything of that nature, but just be careful of verbage that leaves readers out. I felt like that the author now limited her audience who can only see things from her perspective, those who share her same background. I'm sure that is not what she intended but I felt it nonetheless.

I did read it all the way through to the end. I wanted it to grab me and get better, instead I got frustrated. No, the ending wasn't a happily-ever-after, sappy kind, but it still felt like air, rather than satisfying and rich. 3.0/5

I am not going to be discouraged though, I have another one in the wings, Hearts in Hiding by Betsy Brannon Green. At least the first few pages hold promise. My goal is to read another 2 books before I head back to school on Monday - of course I have to finish report cards, throw Easter together, attend a church dinner, work on a SS lesson, have a granddaughter slumber party and a date night! No problemo! Gosh, where did my time all go?!?

Rich and I are going to a free Flamenco guitar event at our local bookstore tomorrow night. It is my turn for the date idea. Boy, two great things in one location. We have been attending free cooking classes each week as well and it's been a blast. I enjoy our evenings of learning and time just together. There are some benefits as my little nest empties. Last night we attended a cinnamon roll/dinner roll class. We both came away full ,happy, and smart! We are trying to really curtail spending so we can squirrel away $$ for some fun things and travel. We loved last year's vacation so much and we are going on a cruise in a few weeks. We just want to be able to continue to do more like that. If we have to give up a little now to play and serve later then that's a-ok with me. Our goal is to also be healthier in our diets and build our storage and talents. That it's fun at the same time is such a great benefit!

I've spent time on the internet this week looking at kindergarten ideas. It seems that it is a real distinct possibility that I will be teaching a K/1 combo next year of all ELL kiddos. Yikes!!!! Not an easy combo grade at all. I just think of the age differences and talent varieties - from those who barely know colors and letters to those who may already be reading, just impeded by the lack of language! I wonder what I will learn this next year??

Here's hoping that the book reading is bliss....

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Susan said...

I thought this book looked interesting, too. Sounds like it wasn't so good. I hate that. I really do think LDS Lit is improving, but that doesn't mean all of it is worth reading.

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of your Spring Break. I, for one, am glad the break is coming to a close! I can't wait for school to start again :)