Thursday, February 7, 2008

Library Lovers Month

How do you plan on celebrating Library Lovers month? I'll do leisurely visit a few times this month and have my kiddos at school write thank you notes that I can drop by!

How often do you accidentally spell library as 'libary' when you're in a hurry? Never - it's one of my pet peeves.

What is the most amount of books you've ever had checked out at one time? Probably about 50 or so. I couldn't believe the limits that the library allowed on each card so we had a "family limit" or 7 per kid. In those days I came home and we wrote down all of the titles that everyone brought home in our "Library notebook" and we kept all of the books in a large crate in the living room. What good memories that brings back.

What is the longest you've ever gone without visiting the library? Probably a month. This summer we were on an extended vacation across the United States. We did however visit bookstores from sea to shining sea!! As a kid I went weekly with my mom. Our local library shared an old building with a fire station. It was a wonderful old and creaky building and visiting it weekly was a highlight for our family.

What is the biggest fine you've ever had? Over $9,000,000. Yep, that is what it says! Nine Million dollars. One of my babies got a late notice when he was about 10. We tried to have each one be responsible for their own fines so he was a little chagrined when a late notice arrived in the mail. You should have seen his face when he read the amount!! We were all astonished. The librarians at our library laughed and laughed when we took it in to verify it. They asked if they could make a copy of it!! (original is in my son's baby book!) As it turned out we had received the total dollar value of fines in the whole county for that day! Isn't that astounding as it is?? What a funny memory!

When you go to the library, do you plan ahead and make a list? Or do you browse? Both. I love days when I can just browse and let myself roam from shelf to shelf, but I usually am on a time limit and have books waiting for me on the hold shelf. I love to use the on-line perks that the library offers and inter-library loans are a fun gift too. My library has made accessing books a piece of cake!

Have you ever been shushed or hushed by a librarian? Not yet!

What is the worst (against-the-rules) thing you've ever done in the library? Taken my shoes off while reading at a table. The little security guard came by and "disciplined" me. I was embarrassed as my feet had swollen and I had a hard time getting my shoes back on. What a crime!

What's the worst thing you've ever done to a library book? I dropped it in the bathtub!!

Have you ever had a "favorite" librarian? Sheila, at our local branch, is a doll! She remembers everything!

If you could change one thing about your library it would be Just more hours!! As budget cuts have hit our city they have cut back to the weirdest hours at the branches. They are a pain! We do love our branch's only a little over 2 miles away and makes for a fun walk. (The only drawback is carrying the books home !)

Thanks for sharing the great meme , Book Nut, I had a great walk down memory lane - and now I'm late for work!! Thanks again!

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Fun answers. That library fine had me laughing out loud. Too funny.

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