Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where were you?

Where were you when you heard the news that President Gordon B. Hinckley died ?
I've read that question on many blogs the last few days. Where was I? Home and sick in bed. Our oldest son, Ben, called us to let us know and we marveled at his "direct" line to Salt Lake!! Really I was taken aback. It's strange how you reflect on the last time you saw someone. At Christmas time he seemed somewhat older, but still full of vim and vigor and waving his cane. I am grateful that I have good and vital memories.

As I have read news releases they say that he began to fail this last week and that his family was with him when he died. What a blessing for them all. I know that we all felt a combination of happy and sad. One person called it "had!" Happy that he would finally rejoin his wife and sad for losing such a great example and friend. Certainly a prophet dear.

Gordon B. Hinckley was a man of honor and integrity. Well read, and keenly aware of the world around him, he was adept at fielding questions in all areas of life. His personal confidence and testimony are a great example I want to emulate.

I feel blessed to have had such a strong testimony of a living prophet.

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Susan said...

I am missing this great man as well. It's so strange to me that Heath Ledger's suicide has made news for days, while President Hinckley's passing has just been quietly reported. I guess it reflects the way President Hinckley lived his life - humbly. Thanks for the wonderful tribute.