Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Journal

What was I Thinking...
                   OUCH! Ow, Ow, Ow! Chair + sandals + 4th grader + teacher's toe = broken toe! Mine. OUCH!

Favorite Products...
                 Tide Pods - clean, convenient and my laundry smells delicious. Sounds like a commercial.
                 Kenra Hair Spray. Expensive but worth it. (And I am NOT a hair snob.)
                 Sport's's holding my owie-toe together. Ahhh...

Remember that...
                 Guided Math stations WILL work. I loved what I saw this week when I did it. Remember to Model, model, model it. Time with small groups is worth it!! (I don't want to forget this.)

Library Log....
                I have done NO reading at all this week. Fail. I took my book with me everywhere, I snuck in small micro-minutes and I fell asleep with pages imprinted upon my cheeks, but no reading. I WILL change that this week.
       So... still...
  • Gone Girl
  • Coming Home Crazy by Bill Holm
  • The Marriage Bureau for Rich People 
  • Wonder 
Weekly Checklist... 
  • Make Happy Birthday calls to my first born and last born - wahoo!
  • Wait for new grandkiddo
  • READ
  • Prepare class newsletter 
  • Wait for new grandkiddo
  • READ
  • Birthday dinner with J&K - what DO I get the "ready-to-deliver" daughter that is NOT for baby?
  • Wait for new grandkiddo
  • READ
  • Work
Rules to Remember...
  • Sandals and 4th graders do not mix well. In more ways than one.
  • Pray on the WAY to school
  • Count to 10 - SLOWLY
Currently enjoying...
  • football
  • Instagrams from kiddos
  • raw almonds
  • bananas without spots (how do they ripen so dang fast?)
  • Glee songs on YouTube
Best Memories of the Week...
  • a call from #1 son with "new job" news!
  • Kyle's Birthday dinner - he is so grateful and gracious!
  • Using giftcards with Jennie - we filled a whole cart courtesy of so many generous friends for this new baby.
  • Southern BBQ dinner with friends
  • a 3 1/2 hour visit with a friend
  • A clear PET scan for this same friend. Yippee!
What I Know...
            I need to acknowledge my gratitude more. I have gotten the prompting/feeling to start my gratitude journaling again. I know it works. Now I need to do it.
           An unexpected kind word or email can do wonders! 


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Susan said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. Ouch! Hope it feels better soon.