Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oh The Places You Go

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Oh the Places We've Been...
The last two weeks have been crammed full, busy.....and wonderful!
A 90th birthday for my favorite aunt in Texas, a visit with my super-de-dooper stepmom, lots of kissin' cousins, and another baby shower for my "mommy-to-be" daughter.

Loved it. 
Every minute of it.
Even the humidity!
Especially the pie.

Now they are memories.
Now it is quiet.
Now it is calm.

Too quiet.

Today I will....PLAN for school. It's kickin' my patookie.

Today I will....Read. I finished Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker on the trip and now I'm reading Gone Girl and a book group book, Life is So Good by George Dawson.

Today I and surf and watch football and go to church and eat leftovers. 

Today I will....admire my pedicure, ponder a bit & make the bed. 

Today I will....catch up for a moment.
Today I the clouds.

Today will be great.

What will you do today??

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Jenners said...

I love your collage ... and I'm curious to see what you think of Gone Girl!! It is hard to put down once you start.