Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sunday Salon with a little light....

Let's shed a little light on this subject....(New lamp for the library!)

Outside my window..... It's dusk and the sky looks like a watercolor palette. I love the way one color blends into the other. What a pretty time of day/night.

I am listening to.....the roar of a fan on HIGH! After 112 degrees, the fan both 'sounds' cool and feels cool! (Actually, the heat was not oppressive at our house, it just seems hot to say it!) I love the sound of fans. In my mind they are connected to rest and relaxation. My poor husband can tell you that...I sleep with one on almost year round.

Favorite thing from this week.....Give a shout out for Book Group, a #1 son visit, and furniture shopping. We read Daddy Long Legs for Book Group and that was charming. As usual, Book Group is just plain ol' fun. I love to talk books with these ladies. #1 Son was in town for 2 days and talking to him always makes me smile. I adore that man!! Finally - - let it be heard, I am making progress on getting furniture for this library/living room!! It has taken me forever. I am so grateful to my daughter for hanging in there with me in the shopping and designing department. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel she recommended food for her pregnant body and somehow it was just what I needed too. Isn't a Napoleon and an eclair the medicine everyone needs to help with furniture shopping?!?!

I am thinking....that my summer is slipping away!! Ack! I HATE that! To fight this war on time I am whisking my hubby away for a few days of play in San Diego to celebrate his birthday this week. I intend to read on the beach and perfect the art of being a slug...a sea slug???

I am grateful....for family, Father's Day, good books, air conditioning, gelato, and book-buddies!

I am reading....The House at Tyneford, Teach Like a ChampionThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, True Sisters

I am Listing....paint colors and making a pinterest board at my daughter's insistence for this library/living room. I get so distracted that I have to keep referring to my list!

I am creating.....plans for San Diego!! Yeah for SAND and BEACH. You've never know we lived there for several years and could hardly abide the feel of sand with 4 little boys. Can I go back and have a do-over!?!?!

Plans for the week.....classes for school, reading, errands, and packing. Actually the to-do list is miles long but I will play ostrich and ignore it. Not really. I will just not subject anyone else to it!  I will also try to get to writing down about the books I HAVE finished. Yeah for some progress on the TBR pile.

Now, it's about time to turn the light out and curl up with my good book. I am in England on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Want to join me???

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Suey said...

I agree about fans being very relaxing!