Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Where is My Hairbrush...oops Summer!

We sing this song around the house whenever we can't find something. 
Perhaps you've heard it..."Oh Where is My Hairbrush?"
Larry the Cucumber has become my go-to-guy when I wonder.

So, in a new rendition, Oh Where is My Summer...


Teachers spend their
summers in classes.
Many of them.
They make us better.
When we can remember them.


 Cute huh?
Didn't get it.
I feel like Goldilocks. 
That one is too hard, too big, too squishy, too small (for my main guy), too expensive, too....
I have made many small trips to find the perfect furniture for the living room/library. 
But I am narrowing it down.
I now have 3 chairs, 1 floor lamp, 1 table lamp and a gorgeous set of bookshelves....
I have a deadline....July 23.
No pressure.

San Diego

Okay!!! Can we have a "wahoo" here?!?
We squeaked in a baby-trip to good ol' S.D.
In the few years that we lived there we had NEVER been ON Coronado Island!
I know!
But it was a toll bridge and we were too cheap and too poor.
S.D. was wasted on us. 
But I love it.
Soak up some fun with me...

Can I move in???

Can't you just picture a princess here?

My favorite spot is Pt. Loma. A serene spot. "Some gave all..."

Just Junk...

My summer also just gets eaten up in the small things.
I DO have a cleaner shower...thanks to Pinterest.
I DO have a taller TBR stack...thanks to Pinterest.
I DO have new teaching ideas for next year..thanks to Pinterest.
Yep, I fell in that Pinterest hole. 

I have also read a few good books, attacked the audio section of the library and just wandered through the stacks.
I've had two F2F book group meetings, gone to lunches with  friends, visited family for a BBQ, and just vegged.

I don't want June to turn into July - - YET!

What an irony to read those words...I have complained about the heat and the 
$350 a month A/C bills for years.
No longer.
I apologize June, July and 1 day of August.
I take it all back.


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