Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Days

Oh, these first days of school are killers!!
(How do I forget so quickly?)
33 kiddos
Classroom set-up
Meetings, meetings, meetings...
Piles of papers
Routines and Procedures
Classroom rules
Sleepless nights
Folders, notebooks, pencils, glue
Bulletin Boards
Word Walls
More meetings....
Homework folders
Data on everything!!
Textbooks galore
New Team, New committees, New grade, New curriculum
Meet the Teacher Night
Open House
Dibels-Next Testing
Still MORE Meetings....
33 kiddos


I will read a non-teaching book, I will read a non-teaching book, I WILL...........


Jenn said...

DIBELS Next tomorrow, Promethean board still not working, DIBELS testing twice next week, huge role as a mentor to a new teacher who was thoroughly abused by the former resident of her classroom and has still not recovered, feeding the missionaries tomorrow (I suppose that means I have to put away those piles of unmentionables on the living room floor). Starting a new year is exhausting. Next year I think that I will just show up sometime around September 15th when everything is already settled. Have a good two days until the weekend! Love ya

beckaboots said...

I know how that is. Every time school started for me, reading for fun went out the window. I'm glad to be done so that I can read now... except that little mr. harrison hardly lets me! haha :)