Friday, July 8, 2011


Where the Roads Come Together!
Craig Plotner and me
July 2011

Gosh it seems like only yesterday that this man was leading music and I was singing with him for 2+ hours everyday. How he helped mold my life. I know that I sit up straighter and enunciate more clearly because of him. HaHa!! Ahh, but that's just the little stuff. Yep, I was THAT choir geek and I loved this man more than words can express. He came to our choir as a still-wet-behind-the-ears 24 year old and led us to National championships! He was and is wonderful. At graduation he proposed that we sing a song he hoped would mean a lot to us in future years. It became the song that classes would sing for the next 19 years. Once again, he would never know the influence he had....

It was a joy to sit in a corner of a restaurant this week and join close friends in a reunion with Mr. Plotner. Craig strummed his guitar and we sang again. We've still got it!!

Where the Roads Come Together
by Paul Colwell
None of us
is born the same.
We don't know why
it's the way we came.
Every heart
beats a little differently.
Each soul is free
to find it's way
Like a river that winds
it's way to the sea.

For life
is a journey
And there are many roads
beneath the sky
and there are many
good people
who don't see eye to eye

Everyone is different from our brother
Could that be why we need each other as we go along
None of us is partly right
And none of us is partly wrong
Not every man, can stay the same
I don't know why, it's the way we came
With every turn, we're learning more
And perhaps we'll find, that the walls we build
Are only, are only in the mind

There are many roads, to go
And they go, by many names
They don't all go the same way,
But they get there all the same
And I, have a feeling, that we'll meet someday
Where the roads come together
Mmmm, up the way

And I, I have a feeling, that we'll meet someday
Where the roads come together
Up the way.

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DesLily said...

now that's a story worth sharing!

Anonymous said...

Such a nice story! I'm glad you got to attend and participate in honoring someone so influential to your life. :-)

Jenn said...

Well---hey there! I did just finish a really good book. I will bring it to you! I actually picked it up at Barnes and Noble right after we dropped you off at Stan's office. It is called "A Fierce Radiance" The New York Times say "Ambitious, combining medical and military history with commercial rivalry, espionage, and thwarted adventure story." We want to come up your way next Sat. We thought we might head over to the Science center and then get those much need back to school blessings. Let me know if that would be good with your schedule. :)