Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Rambles

I'm in a sugar coma...still.....
  • Chocolate chip cookies and milk at a friend's Memorial Service (& leftovers!)
  • Dinner out with good friends (& leftovers!)
  • Break-the-fast with young single adults - good desserts with friends to eat with!(Thank goodness there were no leftovers!)
We've been partying for a while here now. I'm good all week long so I can party down on the weekends!! But I've got to learn some real restraint!!

I'm counting my blessings...and they number at least 6!!! Ooops...7

On this stormy Sunday I got some good reading in. I finished the dead and the gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It's the sequel to Life As We Knew It and still has me checking the moon and pondering if I could survive a calamity. It's startling to think of all the daily conveniences that we take for granted...shelter, food, electricity, running water, abundant food. Why am I drawn to this dystopian YA fiction? Does it make today's traumas and dramas less fearful? Is it just good writing and creativity? Interesting ideas? I am ready for a little lighthearted reading however. I have plenty on the TBR pile but I will definitely read book #3 when it comes out to see what happens to these characters. I feel like I'm watching a car accident and I can't help looking.

It's's right around the corner and I can't cards, lesson plans, meetings, final projects for my Thursday night class - nothing will deter my enthusiasm!!! You can feel it, can't you?!?!
I'm counting the days. Spring Break, you are a welcome sight.

What a random Sunday must be the sugar!


Sarah said...

So I read Life As We Knew It and I have to say, it was quite well written. Too well written. It got me freaking out because of the realism. I'm not sure I'm going to read any more in this series. I'm just glad the family survived so I didn't have to throw the book across the room (I get into my books a little too much!). Haha but really, I appreciated how the mom was so centered on making sure her own family was provided for, but I could see the struggle of the daughter when it came to helping others as well. As a mom, I'd probably side with the mom (there's that mama lion in me), but as a daughter, well, my better nature comes out. Enough rambling. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm always on the hunt for something to read, always checking your blog for ideas!

The Coons Family said...

You are too cute! Congrats on your husband's new calling! How fun!