Monday, February 15, 2010

Life's Blessings - Jenn!

Jenn is daughter in law #1. Not only is she #1 in order, she's #1 in creativity, organization, and reliability!! These are all traits I admire, crave, and ones we need in our family!! Jenn is terrific in supporting family traditions, sharing her skills, and helping to keep our family together.

Things I love about Jenn...
  • her love of her kiddos!! No matter how taxed she feels, they are her first priority. That makes my heart soar.
  • she shares her talents so willingly!
  • she makes the best party food. (Reminder, have her be in charge of all family parties and events!! Just kidding...)
  • she shares her books! :) and just about anything else you need!
  • her teaching creativity and wisdom
  • organization, organization, organization. No one can pack a closet or car like she can!
  • vision - she knows what she wants and how to put it together. From a classroom, to designing her home, to planning a vacation - she has a vision of what she wants it to be like and she makes it happen!
  • she has a memory for all details - great and small
  • follow through. She says she'll do it, she does it, and that's that! Wow! I forget what I'm doing half way through...she's amazing!
  • her loyalty
  • her love of my son! (yep, she has great taste!)
Just a few of the things to love about Jenn.

Because of Jenn and her influence I am now addicted to chips and dip, a member of the Godiva chocolate of the Month club, and I'm a teacher!! Who knew our lives would change so much when Ben brought her home to meet us. One of my life's blessings!


Jenn said...

Oh!!! You are so sweet and you made me cry! It was just what I needed after a challenging Monday and right before a formal observation today! I feel completely blessed to be part of the Vaterlaus family! Love you!

Jenners said...


You are blessed to have her! And Godiva of the Month club? I need in on that!!!! She sounds like an amazing woman and I don't think you could ask for a better DIL.

And she shares her books!