Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I KNOW....

I know Halloween is supposed to be all about the kids but it's truly fun for!

I know that field trips are hard but holidays are harder as a teacher. Because of that truth, we took 100 first graders to the Children's Museum on the day before Halloween. It was great. No costumes, no class parties and the kids thought it was the "best day ever"!!! That's a direct quote! At the end of the day they are content with a treat from the teacher and we all leave tired and with a big smile.

I know relationships are worth it! All 5 of my kiddos made it to Las Vegas to celebrate their brother's wedding and a creation of a new family!!

I know that road trips are fun. But you will never catch me going across this new bridge at the Hoover Dam when it opens!! No way!!

I know that the first bite is the best! Maybe that's why fun-size candy bars are the perfect bite!

I know that I am an expert at letting time get all sucked up... by reading blogs, watching football, surfing the internet. I really have such little self control at times!

I know a good book will keep me up, deprive me of sleep and draw me in....
good books this month . . .
Fablehaven by Brandon Mull ( a book group read for October that most all enjoyed. Interesting discussions, insight and snacks to match!!)
Die For You by Lisa Unger. A first for this author for me. You would think you know the one you married. But when they take your identity and nearly your life, it makes you think about everything.
If I Stay by Gayle Forman. An accomplished cellist, a loving family, a fun snow day adventure and tragedy collide. Narrated by the main character through flashbacks and out of body observation - I found it intriguing. The push and pull of heart-rending choices.
Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison. How do you help someone recover when all is lost? Who defines who we are? How can we find value in life again? Is it by facing our fears, learning to trust? Two characters from opposite backgrounds and experiences are cast together in a small town in the Pacific Northwest where one is recrafting a life and another is ready to start a new one. Scuba diving plays a large role in this book and would be my only complaint....when it got a little technical and beyond my basic understanding I felt lost. It truly is a minor complaint though...the rest was worth the journey.

I know where to find peace.


Marry said...

so fun. miss seeing you. i have a couple of your books i need to drop by. glad you are well. miss the ward, but havin fun in our new one. love you.

Anonymous said...

And I Know I love you . . . and your blog. Great writing and thoughts.
- Rich

Susan said...

I love your list! and the pictures. A very fun post!