Friday, January 12, 2007

Maintaining my Sanity

SInce I have been called to Jury Service this week I have found that the only way to insure sanity was to have a book with me at all times. Of course this is really nothing unusual for me but I must admit that the book has felt like a life saver that I hang on to. I left my book in the courtroom one time for a brief break and almost began to hyperventilate when I realized that I couldn't go and get it. I guess I have also been encouraged at how many other people had their "sanity saving" books! There were some reading Margaret Atwoods' the Handmaidens Tale, others reading Stephen King, some Jonathan Kellerman, and some delving into nonfiction. It was a fun experiment to talk with others about their books and their choices. I made some great friends that way!!

I am still reading The Book Thief. I am enjoying it although it is a quirky read. It took me almost all the way up to my 50 page rule for me to feel committed to the book and to really enjoy it. I stopped toting it to court to read the January book group selection, Hitched, by Carol Higgins Clark and I am 2 days dumber because of it! Gosh, I think I really felt myself laughing because it was so trite and tidy - tied up in all the cliche places. Consider this a warning - don't waste your time on it. Oh well, at least I'm done with the read. I have made it a goal to read at least 6 of the book group books for the year so I can cross off one of them!! Woo Hoo!

I am also trying my hand at Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming. Rich and I saw the movie for our anniversary and we really enjoyed it. I must say it is a little more confusing reading the French and the gambling lingo but I will press forward! A final book that I read a bit from every day is Reading People by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius. It is a fascinating book written by a scholar who helps select people to serve on high profile jury cases. The book details how we can all look beyond the first impressions to try to really understand someone else. Body language, compassion, socio-economics, and more. It is really easy to read - but ever so hard to remember to recall and apply. I hope that it can help as I have to make some very important decisions coming up.

Thank heavens for books!

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