Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coming Up for Air

Babysitting - Opa-style!!!
A spoon and a bowl kept this little one happy for almost 30 minutes!!!!

I remember the summer I earned my Swimmer/Life Saving and Water Safety Girl Scout Badges. That was one of the hardest summers ever. I stayed at Girl Scout Camp for over a month and I think I lived in the water trying to accomplish the impossible. We camped on a lake in East Texas and I participated in mile swims daily. (Not.My.Best.Thing.) My hardest day was when they took me out to the middle of the lake, had me swamp my canoe and left me there to 'survival swim' for what seemed like an eternity. I had done all the right stuff...I removed my clothes and filled them with air to help me float, I took off my shoes and tied them around the top of the canoe as it floated away and then I just went in to survival mode. I grabbed little bits of air and barely kept my head above water. Yep, But I did it. And the sense of accomplishment lasts to this day.

Now, you ask, what does that have to do with that cute picture above?!?! These two have kept me coming up for air. When it hits the beginning of the school year I go into 'survival' swim mode and come up for air, catching only tiny bites of the precious and necessary. Each time I did/do - these two lovelies had smiles and hugs for me. Rich always knows that this is how August and September are and he is my anchor to keeping me sane. And well, Tinsley, she is just always happy to hug, toddle to me and love on me unconditionally, whether I have 5 minutes or 50! Gotta love these two!

But now it is Labor Day weekend and I am doing the double happy dance!! Another day to relax and another day to prepare for the upcoming month. A double blessing. Love it.

I miss reading blogs. I miss sleeping. I miss the quiet. I miss swinging under my tree in the backyard - even in 107 degree temps! I miss peace. I miss reflection. Yet somehow I thrive on the challenge and I can do it. I just miss the other....I guess that's called life.

This summer I literally did read a book every day! My students are impressed and so am I. I developed a long list of books to read  and use with my students and I traveled to far off lands and with new companions even if it was in my mind and in a chair! I've read biographies of King Tut, Marco Polo, Temple Grandin, Helen Keller, Elizabeth Blackwell, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Emily Dickinson and Hans Christian Anderson. (I hang with quite the crowd.)

Recently I finished Matched and Crossed by Ally Condie on audio as I have driven back and forth to school and I am now giggling to David Sedaris, Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls (not my typical fare, but funny and a bit thought provoking...listen at your own risk - a bit risque for some of us.) I also finished a short mystery by Wendy Roberts entitled, The Remains of the Dead , that was recommended by a blogging friend. I was impressed with how much I liked it....easy to pick up and put down but different and intriguing.

Now I am reading Pivot Point by Kasie West

 and Rose; My Life in Service to Lady Aster by Rosina Harrison. These are also my gulps of air.

I am beginning to see the shore in the distance. Someday soon I will just get to read for fun and relax without having the nagging little thoughts of what I still need to do....Oh, that's called 'Fall Break!' Gotta Love it.

Happy Labor Day!


Suey said...

You can do it. You CAN! :) And wow that is quite the list of people you hung with this summer. Impressive. Your students are so lucky. Enjoy the ride!

Inside A Book said...

Suey, you're awesome! Will you be my cheerleader?