Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer is FINALLY over & Sunday Salon

Yep, Perfect!

Come visit...Summer is FINALLY over!
It was actually cold yesterday - the high was 61 degrees and it was cloudy, rainy and breezy.
We loved it.
Last night it got down to the 30's in some areas.
We actually are thinking about getting out the hot chocolate.

Catching up with my week.....

Best memories of the week - Spending the day baking for a family gathering with my daughter in law, attending the musical Annie with two of our sweet grand-kiddos - our little friend Haley Reed was the star and she was incredible!! (If you live nearby don't miss her...she's a star!!) We were so grateful to be a part of blessing sweet baby Tinsley and having 60+ special people support her, brunching and lunching with friends and family! We packed the house. It was fantastic. Finally, seeing that sweet baby Tinsley wearing the same dress that my mom and I wore when we were christened and wearing the same ring my grandma wore, my mom wore, that I wore and that my daughter wore - 5 generations of only or oldest women!! Such heritage. Her daddy cradled her in his arms and my eyes filled with tears. It was a great day.

On the Book front - School continues to occupy even my off-contract hours and my reading suffers. I did finish our Book Group book for review this week. (Of course, 84 Charing Cross Road is about 2 minutes long so it wasn't too much of a challenge, but I'm happy to have one book under my belt!!)I am reading Midnight at Austenland by Shannon Hale in hardcover and Desert Wives by Betty Webb on my iPad. I heard both authors speak within the last few months so reading each one is like having an extended conversation with the authors. 

Perplexers - Technology continues to both amaze me and frustrate me. MY computer gave up the ghost yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed that resurrection is possible with circuits and power supplies. 

Grateful for - I am so glad that we live in a country where we can vote for our leaders. 
That said, I am SOOOOO glad the election is over!!!!
I never knew how many 'friends' I had. 
They telephoned me daily and asked me to vote for them. 
I am so glad that they have stopped calling. 
Funny, no one has called to say 'thank you!'

Loving - Are you loving November?!?! It is my favorite month of the whole year. I love the attitude of gratitude, Veterans Day AND my very favorite holiday - THANKSGIVING!

Thank you -  So proud of my Airman 1st Class on this Veterans Day(and everyday.)
 He's a man of integrity and honor. 
I feel safer knowing he's patrolling our skies for the Air Force. 
Thank you, Drewboy!
Love ya, sweetheart.

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Susan said...

Isn't this weather fabulous? I love it!