Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Sunday Thoughts

Outside my Windows..... "Fall" has come. Finally! While the leaves fall from the trees during October and November elsewhere, it takes til after Christmas for our tree to finally get with the program! It's a tree of GOLD!
( the golden leaves are all gone!)

Around the house...Santa brought me a chair! Not really. Over Christmas break I found this gorgeous gal on Craigslist and brought her home to become a part of our "in-progress" library. Step 1 - accomplished!

I am thinking..... That I need to remember how to set up all my equipment tomorrow at work. It is a whole new set up that we came back to after the Christmas break. To make sure that I don't forget how to plug everything in I took about 6 never know what I'm bound to forget. Just to make myself feel better I am sharing the EASY ones with you!

I am listening to...silence. After the NFL playoff game the silence is almost palpable. WOW!

Family Matters...Rich jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on Saturday. It was on his bucket list. (I don't think I even HAVE a bucket list. If I did it would NOT have jumping out of an airplane on it.) J and I worked on organizing her craft room/office. It was awesome. It was fun to see a project be completed from beginning to end. Now we have a great place to create when I visit.

What I am grateful! A tragedy occurred in our very safe neighborhood this week that shook a lot of us up. A planned home invasion took place about a half a block away and it resulted in the injury of one and the death of another. This was NOT a random occurrence and somehow that made us all feel better. I still ache for the family and those involved. So many are grieving, so many mistakes we can't take back. Today is also the year anniversary of the tragic shooting of Senator Gabrielle Giffords and 13 others in Tucson as well. My mind hearkens back to my feelings that day, when I called my Tucson-based kiddos, my mom and my brother...I checked where they all were and if they were safe. I am so grateful for safety.

Reading Report... I am currently caught up in a story...I am "in" Equatorial Guinea with Vanessa "Michael" Munroe from The Informationist by Tyler Stevens. Wow. If I'm ever in a 'MacGyver- kind- of- jam' I am inviting her along. On the other hand, I never want her mad at me! My library stack is awesome as well. Lots of books all came in on my reserve list. I am making it a priority to set aside report cards and grading every night so I can have more reading time. Here's what I got this week:

Tennyson by Lesley MM Blume
Crossing the Tracks by Barbara Stuber
Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams
Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster
To Have or To Hold by Josi Kilpack
Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis
Madensky Square by Eva Ibbotson
Arizona; 100 Years Grand by Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

All of these books are either Book Group reads or they are from lists of recommendations I spotted in my tour of the blogosphere. (Thanks to Shannon Hale for a list of books that will hopefully entice some of my students and me at the same time!! I will be in a Young Adult/Middle grade reading phase for a few weeks I think.) I also stumbled onto a few 25 cent books on the Library Cart - yeah for a Jenn McKinley mystery with my name on it!!


What I learned this week...advice to "Look up". Spiritually and physically. I wish I would have remembered it yesterday! I was putting the Christmas stuff away when I walked right into the low hanging ceiling of my downstairs closet and smashed my nose!! Can you spell ouch?!?! My nose is about 3 times as wide as usual and every part of my face hurts. There's a pretty girl. I will do my best to remember such good advice in the future.
"Now remember, it's better to look up!"
(Thomas S. Monson)

Favorite things of the games...overtime (there's something so cool about a game that is so well played that it keeps on going!) sodas for pins....a short school week....emails from new blogging friends....laughing...Bananagrams....great work colleagues....texting....dates with my sweetie....Mexican food...the list goes on....

Hope to accomplish this week....Parent teacher Conferences. Laundry. Planning. Packing. Yes, boys and girls, we leave for my Birthday-Bash in Las Vegas on Saturday morning!! Wahoo!! What books shall I take?!?! (Grins ;))


rhapsodyinbooks said...

I agree about Vanessa Munroe! LOL

I don't know how your newspapers have been this week, but we've been getting these total make-me-cry stories all week about last year.

Susan said...

Wow, I heard about that home invasion on the news. Scary. I'm glad you and yours are safe. There's nothing like a shakedown in the neighborhood to make you appreciate the blessings you take for granted every day!