Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

Yes, it's the night before Christmas and although my "littles" are now "bigs" I am still wrapping last minute gifts and filling last minute stockings for them. It feels great! I'm up to 3 Christmas movies while I wrap!

I've hardly had more than a minute to read our Book Group read, The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. We had a fabulous trip to Washington DC two years ago and I feel I am reliving it as I read. (minus the intrigue and danger!) I am blocking out time to read as we travel tomorrow...."I will remember my booklight, I will remember my booklight, I will remember my booklight!!" I have lots more books to read this vacation - I'm scheduling it now~!

We've thought about our Christmas traditions this year and have decided to start a few new ones.
  • As we travel we're going to read O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi aloud to each other. It was fun to find the book at the second hand store for only 75 cents!!
  • Tonight we're going to a Christmas service where a friend is singing, another new tradition to start. I can't wait for more carols and a performance that I'm NOT in!
  • Today we had pizza for lunch when our daughter and son in law came over. We loved that. What a fun tradition to start.
  • Tomorrow we are traveling to our oldest son's brand new house. Their tradition is to make homemade pizzas on Christmas afternoon and play games. I love that tradition! We'll join in and adopt that too! (I love pizza two days in a row!)
  • Hot cocoa and backgammon - we're dusting off this tradition from years ago and giving it a new twist. I'm enjoying the changes!!
  • Movies at the theater the day after Christmas!!! Bring on the popcorn and soda and ignore the malls!
Changes are not easy, I'll miss my kiddos that are not with me this year, but I'm determined to face the changes with a smile. I'm ready to make some memories....Merry Christmas to all!

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