Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When Little Things Become Big

Today I walked home for a mile in my sassy high heeled sandals. I tried to keep up with my husband and his incredibly long legs step for step. As we walked I could tell that my feet were beginning to hurt just a little. I was too proud to stop and fix what was bothering me. Instead I waited until I got home. What started out as a little blister is now a BIG blister. Ouch!

(I opted to not show you my real blister - too yucky!)

Other things go from little to big too!

My TBR pile .... it seems to be growing exponentially!! Just awhile ago it was a little pile....and then another must-read arrived this week. I can't wait for October break so I can catch up! Waiting in the wings: Black Angels, Catching Fire, Silksinger, Fablehaven (for Book Group,) The Other Queen ...and darn it, I'll probably add another book or two from some great suggestions!

My stacks of papers to be graded for Report Cards. I am doing much better than previous years but this last week of testing always snowballs. Where there only a few stray papers to grade now there are stacks!! I have English Language Report Cards, regular academic Report Cards, Reading lab Report Cards, Writing Portfolios, and End of Book Reports all due. I will need a Fall Break!


My silly mistakes!! They start out small and seem to grow overnight. When did I become so proficient at making mistakes? It seems the more I try to improve, the more mistakes I make; at home, at work, in my church service. I've decided to practice what I preach at school and remember that "Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning!!" Don't be afraid. It may take me awhile but I'll try to be willing to make mistakes!

I'm going to find some big bandaids now and admire my blisters....


Becky said...

Hi! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting.

About your comment on my blog list (blog roll), I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to say. It's a blogger blog roll, and some times it doesn't load properly. So sometimes it just lists links to the feed of each blog. (Sometimes I have to refresh the page a few times before it starts working again.) But most of the time, it should be bringing up the name of the blog and the title/date of the most recent post.

I've been using blogger's blog roll for months and months now. Though several months ago I added a scroll bar so the site would load faster. (But all the blogs are still there. Listed in order of when they last published.)

Or was it a content issue? Are you not liking some of the blogs I've linked to?

Lindsay said...

Would you like a picture of the dishes overflowing my sink for another "little to big" problem? Heh. Of course, I suppose I'd actually have to wash them so I could take a "little" picture. ;)

Inside A Book said...

Lindsay...I had forgotten about the dishes...no wonder things are getting too big around here! Too funny!

Jenners said...

I can totally relate to an ever-growing TBR pile!!!

And I never wear high heel shoes for that exact reason!!! Hope the blister heals up soon! OUCH!

And as for mistakes ... well, I seem to make more and more every day. The difference now is that I don't get that upset about it. I'm adopting a persona of "Bumbling Fool."