Monday, June 8, 2009


Let me tell ya bout my best friend....

He drives me to work each day and watches til I'm out of sight.
He waits for me to come out of my classroom each day - and he waits patiently!
Gosh, my own personal chauffeur!

After church he almost always comes to find me - I feel lost when he doesn't.
He texts me to tell me when he's on his way home - get ready!! (He's learned to communicate - we've grown together on that one!)

He takes me to the temple and always squeezes my hand.
He still tells me I'm as pretty as the day we went the 1st time!
He loves to sit beside me in the temple til I'm ready to go.
He just smiles from the minute
we get there til we leave.

He loves his garden, his shed, his backyard, his bike.
He walks into the house and right out again to see how everything has grown. (He's learning to find me and kiss me first!)
He likes to have hobbies and learn new things.

He's comfortable being who he is!
Yep, a man this confident will definitely hold my purse for me!
He laughs at his own jokes - and mine too!
He lets me make the small decisions - - where to go to dinner, where to live, etc... and he makes the big ones - if we should go to war, raise taxes, you know; the big stuff!

What fun to be married to your best friend......

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