Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love a Love Story

Jennie + Kyle= LOVE!!

I am one lucky person!! Watching these two fall in love has got to be the neatest thing and I marvel at it daily. They are so much fun to be with, to watch, to talk with and play with ... gosh darn it I am lucky they are patient enough to play with me.

Jennie has found her knight in shining armor! They are both so darn photogenic that choosing engagement photos is going to be tough - boy, who knew that this would be the hardest part of the wedding planning! But what fun! I feel blessed!

Don't you love the tenderness in this black and white? Gosh, I LOVE love!

These two are always touching, laughing, playing --- they will have a happy life together! Don't you want to be there with them??

They both love sports, eating, chilling, going to the Temple, and laughing. They have the same goals, dreams, and desires. Yep, it sounds right to me.

Jennie is such an amazing daughter. Her dad always told her that she was in "princess training" - just preparing for the guy she would marry. She said that she was so surprised when she met Kyle that she kept repeating to herself..."princess training, princess training." I love to here her stories and make her repeat them over and over. Boy, her life is as much fun as Twilight!!

Don't ya love the crinkle in their eyes!?!?!

My sweet friend, Mary, photographed these two the day before Thanksgiving --the weather was cold, cloudy and even brought a rainbow! Isn't that just about perfect? I'll just be quiet now and let her terrific pictures do the talking!

WOW! Thanks Mary! You outdid yourself....


Rena said...

Nice pictures! I love a love story too! Congrats!

Susan said...

The pictures are gorgeous - I'm glad you finally added one of you, too :) I especially like the rainbow picture - just my 2 cents, even though no one asked for it! Congrats to the whole family - weddings are so much fun!