Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leap of Faith

Queen Noor has penned an educational and poignant biography of her marriage to King Hussein of Jordan in the book Leap of Faith; Memoirs of an Unexpected Life. I learn something new on each page - I am reading history through the eyes of an insider.

Born into prestige and privilege, Lisa Halaby met King Hussein as she was working abroad in Jordan. He was a recent widower and considered a most eligible bachelor. Their courtship was secret and ever so quick - a certain surprise to both of them. I have enjoyed her candor as well as the political history that she imparts. I never really knew or understood the history of Jordan, its people or much about the Muslim religion. It is a fascinating book and very readable. I must love biographies so much because I am nosey!

My pile of books to read is growing higher and higher. I brought home new titles from the library the other afternoon which only added to the current ones on the nightstand! Now Daniel Silva's The Messenger, Mama's Bank Account, Inkspell, Water for Elephants, A Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine, and Silent in the Grave are all waiting patiently. Don't they all sound great?? To top it off I keep getting great recommendations from blogs, friends, and family. I have GOT to learn to multi-task while I read...

The weather here has been beautiful. One day I found myself picnicing at the park as even the ducks looked envious of what I was reading - probably what I was eating but I can imagine it differently!!

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